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A practical and reliable utility that enables you to keep your files and folders synchronized across multiple computers and network drives

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SynKit is a trustworthy application that promises to help you synchronize your folders and files on the same computer, between different Macs, network drives and external storage units.

SynKit features a simple and intuitive interface that offers you access to all your tasks. You can easily run, stop, preview, rename, edit and remove a task and check the status of all your tasks. At the same time, the status bar menu helps you open the main window and access the preferences window.

The bottom toolbar enables you to add a new task that you can name and configure according to your needs and preferences. To create a task you have to set the path for the source and the target directory. Additionally, you can configure SynKit to start the task when the device is available and unmount the device when the synchronization process is complete.

You can synchronize both directories and include all subdirectories and hidden files in the synchronization. SynKit can also delete empty folders and compare files by data and size. What is more, you can setup SynKit to automatically run the synchronization on a daily basis at a user-definable hour.

SynKit is also capable to create a log file for each synchronization and overwrite older files with newer ones or add incremental postfix to the files to be overwritten. This feature will make sure that you will never lose important data during the sync process.

Moreover, SynKit helps you exclude certain files or folders from synchronization and setup an audio notification for completed tasks. You can sync files and folders between local and shared drives, external drives, flash drives and network drives.

The built-in task previewer helps you view and monitor the synchronization process and keep track of the total number of files, the number of files to be synced or deleted and the number of encountered conflicts.

On the whole, SynKit is a powerful and highly customizable application that enables you to keep your files synchronized and organized at all times.

SynKit was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 1st, 2015
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