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A free and lightweight cross-platform utility which enables you to download movie subtitles (in multiple languages) through a simple drag-and-drop






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Subtitles is a free OS X application that enables you to quickly download movie subtitles just by drag-and-dropping your movie file onto the main window.

The Subtitles app automatically finds and downloads the subtitle into the same folder as the movie.

In addition, Subtitles also comes with built-in support for a large array of video formats and multiple languages.

Subtitles comes with inbuilt support for a wide array of movie formats, which means that if you set it to watch a folder of your choice, it will automatically search for and download subtitles for each of the movies you add to that directory.

Moreover, Subtitls also comes with support for more than 40 languages and thus it makes it very simple to get your hands on the right subtitles for all your movies in no time.
Last updated on August 19th, 2015

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