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A free and lightweight cross-platform utility which enables you to download movie subtitles (in multiple languages) through a simple drag-and-drop





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Subtitles is a free OS X application that enables you to quickly download movie subtitles just by drag-and-dropping your movie file onto the main window.

The Subtitles app automatically finds and downloads the subtitle into the same folder as the movie.

Also, Subtitles also comes with built-in support for a large array of video formats and multiple languages.
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
Subtitles - The main window lets you drag-and-drop movie files onto it and it will automatically download the subtitle.Subtitles - By clicking on the Status button, you can view the downloaded subtitles file.Subtitles - From the General preferences, you can allow the app to overwrite subtitles.Subtitles

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