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A low-key and intuitive cross-platform application that enables you to safely back-up your files in the cloud using your own online service

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Strongsync is a simple file backup, synchronization and sharing solution for both Mac OS X and Windows designed to send your files to the cloud via Amazon S3, SFTP or the Dreamhost DreamObjects service. Moreover, Strongsync is similar to Dropbox in terms of simplicity.

As soon as you launch Strongsync, it will display a menu bar icon which opens a simple “log in” panel. As mentioned before, 3 cloud services are supported: a SFTP server, Amazon S3 and Dreamhost DreamObjects. Note that you can only use one cloud service at a time.

Furthermore, a special folder named “Strongsync” is created in your home folder, just like Dropbox. What’s more, files you add here are automatically sent to the cloud and any modifications you make to a file contained in this folder is synced with the cloud automatically, like with Dropbox.

Another similarity with Dropbox consists of the fact that Strongsync’s menu bar panel displays the last modified files in chronological order. The info in the panel is updated in realtime, as you change the files in the Strongsync folder. Also, if you double click on a file name in the panel, it will open the original’s location.

In addition to this, the application comes with an option to open the Strongsync log (although this does not seem to work in version 1.0.65), to unlink the computer and to set the app to auto-launch at login.

In a nutshell, Strongsync is a simple and cross-platform application that simplifies the way you backup and sync data online. Though some quirks need to be fixed, the Strongsync app enables you to use your own service and offers a clean and intuitive panel on the menu bar.

Strongsync was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
Strongsync - The system bar panel displays the recently modified files in the Strongsync folder.Strongsync - The settings panel allows you to unlink the computer or set the app to open at login.Strongsync - You can use the Amazon S3, SFTP or Dreamhost DreamObjects services to login.Strongsync - screenshot #4

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