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Safari extension that adds a Stop/ Reload button into your browser's toolbar






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Stop/Reload Button is a simple proof-of-concept extension that adds a new button in your browser's toolbar, in accordance with your needs and preferences.

The button added by the Stop/Reload Button extension changes into a stop button when a page is loading.

In other words, the Stop/Reload Button add-on provides you exactly the same functionality as the built-in Stop/Reload control in the address bar, with the only difference that it ha the functionality of a button that can be placed anywhere in the toolbar.

Note: The button does not work on pages entirely restored from Safari's cache. This is the consequence of a bug in the extension API that prevents such pages from receiving messages sent by an extension's global page; it has been reported. For this extension the bug could be circumvented, but at the expense of not remembering the scrolling state when reloading.
Last updated on September 7th, 2012
Stop/Reload ButtonStop/Reload Button

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