CommuniGate Pro 6.0.11

Internet messaging server application based on the Internet Standards (RFCs).
Welcome to CommuniGate Pro, the Internet messaging server application implementing.

Multi-domain support with and without IP multihoming, multi-mailbox accounts and shared mailboxes, Internet mail exchange service using the ESMTP protocol, anti-spam mechanisms, and much more.

The Features table can be used to compare the CommuniGate Pro with other systems available on the market today.

The CommuniGate Pro Server is based on the Internet Standards (RFCs) and it has many additional features required for today's industrial-level messaging systems.

Main features:

  • Multi-Domain architecture (field-proven for over 120,000 domains per system), with multihoming and shared-IP configurations.
  • Account concept, including Mailbox Storage, File Storage, Account Settings, and Account Information databases.
  • Groups, Forwarders, Aliases, and other Domain Objects.
  • Meta-Directory with Local and Remote Units.
  • LDAP access to Directory and Account databases.
  • External Authentication mechanism for integration with 3rd party solutions.
  • RADIUS services.
  • Mailbox Storage with multiple Mailboxes, Shared access, ACLs.
  • Mailbox formats - text files, file folders, other data containers.
  • File Storage with public and private folders, virtual files.
  • Groupware Information storage and processing using the iCalendar and vCard standards.
  • ESMTP and LMTP mail exchange services.
  • Anti-Spam and other protection mechanisms.
  • Plugin Interface for high performance virus, spam, and content filtering.
  • Automated Mail Processing Rules.
  • Mailing List manager with automatic bounce processing and a Web interface to list archives.
  • Remote Account Polling using the POP3 protocol.
  • External Program Delivery for custom applications.
  • Automated Invitation processing for shared resource scheduling.
  • XIMSS protocol for Instant Messaging, Presence, audio and video communications.
  • SIP protocol for Instant Messaging, Presence, audio and video communications, desktop sharing and real-time collaboration.
  • XMPP protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence.
  • NAT Traversal mechanisms (near-end and far-end) for XIMSS, SIP, RTP, and TCP-based media protocols.
  • Registrar, forking Proxy, and Presence server functionality.
  • Automated Signal Processing Rules.
  • Event packages for presence, message-waiting, registration, dialogs, and other services.
  • Parlay X Interface.
  • Real-Time Application Environment
  • Domain-specific application environments.
  • CG/PL language for quick and robust application design.
  • Built-in operations for call control, bridging, and multi-party conferencing.
  • Integrated Access to Message and File stores.
  • POP3 and IMAP4 mail client access.
  • MAPI interface for Microsoft Windows clients (Outlook and other MAPI-enabled applications).
  • WebUser Interface to Mailbox, Groupware and File Stores, to Settings and Information databases, to the Signaling and Message Transfer facilities.
  • Multi-lingual Skins for customizable HTML, WAP/WML, and I-Mode Interfaces.
  • XIMSS interface providing access to Mailbox, Groupware and File Stores, to Settings and Information databases, to the Signaling and Message Transfer facilities.
  • HTTP, FTP, and TFTP access to Account File Stores.
  • AirSync interface to E-mail and Groupware data for Microsoft Windows Mobile clients (server-based ActiveSync).
  • CalDAV interface to Calendar and Tasks Mailboxes.
  • Publish/Subscribe (WebCal/iCal) HTTP-based operations with Calendar and Tasks mailboxes.
  • ACAP access to the Account Information database.
  • SASL Secure Authentication methods.
  • GSSAPI (including Kerberos V5) authentication, SSO (single sign-on), and security.
  • Client Certificate-based Secure Authentication methods.
  • Secure Mail (S/MIME) WebMail implementation (encryption/decryption, digital signing, signature verification).
  • Automatic Encryption implementing secure information storage.
  • SSL/TLS Secure Transfer for SMTP, SIP, IMAP, POP, HTTP, LDAP, ACAP, PWD and Administration sessions.
  • Lawful Interception functionality.
  • WebAdmin interface for administration, provisioning, and monitoring.
  • CLI/API interface for administration, provisioning, and monitoring.
  • SNMP Agent for remote monitoring.
  • Triggers for proactive monitoring.
  • Poppwd protocol for remote password modification.
  • LDAP-based Provisioning (optional) for integration with legacy systems.
  • BSD syslog Server to consolidate log records from third-party components.
  • Distributed Domains for Distributed multiple single-Server configurations.
  • Static Clusters for Multi-Server Account partitioning.
  • Dynamic Clusters for advanced scalability without Account partitioning. Carrier-grade 99.999%-uptime, field-proven for more than 5,000,000 real active Accounts.
  • Cluster of Clusters for extra-large sites (over 10,000,000 active Accounts).

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December 10th, 2014, 16:57 GMT
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51.7 MB
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developed by:
Stalker Software
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.1 or later
binary format:
Universal Binary
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CommuniGate Pro

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What's New in This Release:
  • TLS: the server-side SSLv3 protocol is disabled by default.
  • WebMail/Pronto: HTML links pointing to anchors in the same E-mail body part are supported now.
  • Bug Fix: MEDIA: 5.1: if the codec sample rate was different from the internal buffer rate, recording was started with a delay.
  • Bug Fix: MAILBOX: 5.0: message replacing did not check for 2GB size limit in Text-type mailboxes
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