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A Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera extension designed to bring a long list of enhancements to your existing Facebook account

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Social Fixer is a straightforward web browser plugin made to improve your browsing experience as you spend time on Facebook.

Improve your Facebook experience and personalize the page display

Thanks to the light, powerful and flexible add-on you can filter your news feed based on keywords, author and other criteria, use the tabbed news feed to organize posts based on their source, hide undesired parts of the page and read posts, change the style of the webpage and more.

With the help of the filtering function, you can create rules for news processing and organize your feed into different categories.

More experienced users have the option to apply HTML classes to posts that match their rules and add CSS styles to personalize their appearance.

Hide read posts and stay updated with the latest comments

Social Fixer is also capable to hide read posts and reveal them when new comments are posted. Moreover, Social Fixer allows you to view the full-size of any given picture by simply hovering your mouse over.

On top of that, Social Fixer enables you to hide parts of the page such as birthday reminders, sidebar sections, navigation items, like suggestions and other elements.

If you are bored with Facebook’s blue and white look, then you’ll be happy to know that Social Fixer offers you the option to customize the look of your view and switch between different themes.

Prepare the page for a screenshots and hide personal data

The Anonymize feature helps you replace real names, profile pictures and other identifiers with randomly generated text and prepares your view before taking a screenshot.

More customization options allow you to increase the font size and display times stamps instead of vague labels. In addition, you can filter the list of contacts displayed in your chat list and view only the ones you want to chat with.

Social Fixer was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 16th, 2014
Social Fixer - Social Fixer's menu provides access to its support group, the preferences and to an option to clear chache.Social Fixer - From the Popular tab of the Options window, you can toggle various visual preferences on Facebook.Social Fixer - You can also customize the left, center and right columns via the Layout tab of the options.Social Fixer - screenshot #4Social Fixer - screenshot #5Social Fixer - screenshot #6Social Fixer - screenshot #7Social Fixer - screenshot #8Social Fixer - screenshot #9Social Fixer - screenshot #10Social Fixer - screenshot #11Social Fixer - screenshot #12Social Fixer - screenshot #13Social Fixer - screenshot #14Social Fixer - screenshot #15Social Fixer - screenshot #16

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