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A minimalist status bar menu application that offers you the possibility to access the content of your OneDrive account from a Mac.

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OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft to its Windows Live users: you can easily register for an account free of charge.

To be able to keep the files in sync on all your devices, Microsoft also provides OneDrive clients for various types of devices: Mac or PC computers, Windows tablets, Android gadgets, Windows Phones, iOS mobiles or Xbox consoles.

The OneDrive client for Mac is a status bar menu application that makes sure the data stored in your OneDrive folder is always in sync with the Microsoft servers, without requiring any user interaction.

Streamlined and intuitive setup procedure

The first time you launch the OneDrive app you must provide your Windows Live credentials, specify the storage location for the OneDrive folder, and then choose the folders you want to sync to the current device (you will only see their names, and not the content).

If, in the OneDrive Preferences window, you choose to have the utility automatically launched at login, the app will take care of the synchronization process on its own, until you specify otherwise.

Quickly access your OneDrive folder via the status bar

To actually work with the files stored in the OneDrive cloud, you must navigate to the OneDrive folder created on your Mac. The menu placed in your status bar provides a shortcut to that directory, but also displays details about the storage space.

Note that the OneDrive selective sync settings can be quickly adjusted via the app’s Preferences window at any time: in the folders list, simply select the ones you want copied to your Mac.

Microsoft vetted synchronization solution for the OneDrive cloud service

If you are a Microsoft Live user and you want to synchronize the content stored in the cloud to your Mac, using the OneDrive client is imperative: after the initial setup, the app takes care of the procedure without requiring any other user interaction.

OneDrive was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
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