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A free and cross-platform plug-in and development tool capable of delivering rich interactive applications over the web or mobile devices

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Silverlight is a multi-platform web browser plug-in powered by .NET framework, that comes with extended support for a wide assortment of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Powerful runtime designed to support both desktop and mobile devices

With the help of the Silverlight framework, web developers are able to rapidly and quite easily build and deploy web based applications for both mobile and desktop devices.

Makes it simple and straightforward to develop on-demand streaming software solutions for any platform

Moreover, thanks to Silverlight runtime's support for a large array of popular platforms and its integration with the Microsoft Media Platform technologies for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP and DECE-approved digital rights management, you can effortlessly create live and on-demand streaming services in no time and with very little effort.

Silverlight is also an analytics, editing, content management and playback framework, efficiently designed to help you to further enhance your service/app features and functionality with simple and straightforward development techniques.

Multi-platform web development solution

What’s more, Silverlight integrates multimedia, animations, graphics and interactivity within a unified run-time environment that makes it easy to create cross-platform web apps using the same development tools you would employ for developing on a single platform.

The Silverlight runtime also includes exhaustive support for Advanced Audio Coding, H.264, WMV, WMA and MP3 media content across all supported browsers.

As an extra advantage, Silverlight offers developers a versatile programming model and workflow that features support for C#, Python, Ruby, AJAX and VB development.

Bottom line

On the whole, if you want to create web based software solutions capable of running on multiple platforms using the same codebase, Silverlight is a logic alternative.

Silverlight was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
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