Sierra Wireless Watcher for Mac

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A very powerful application that allows you to monitor and manage the connection between the AirCard modem and network with ease.





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Sierra Wireless Watcher enables you to deliver a suite of products of services using the powerful Sierra technology.

Sierra Wireless Watcher allows you to determine the network speed, signal strength as well as other network connection parameters. It also allows you to start and end data calls at any given time, if you need to.

Sierra Wireless Watcher comes with complete support for these devices:
· AirCard 860 PC Card modem
· AirCard 875 PC Card modem
· AirCard 875U USB modem
· AirCard 880/881 PC Card modem
· AirCard 880E/881E ExpressCard modem
· AirCard 880U/881U USB modem

NOTE: Sierra Wireless recommends that you periodically use a Windows-based notebook to check for and upgrade the device firmware.
Last updated on September 14th, 2009
Sierra Wireless Watcher - screenshot #1Sierra Wireless Watcher - screenshot #2Sierra Wireless Watcher - screenshot #3

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