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A practical and very easy-to-use SeaMoneky and Mozilla Firefox add-on specially made to help you save and restore the current state of your web browser

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Session Manager is a straightforward web browser extension that enables you to save the current stat of Firefox or SeaMoneky and restore it at any given moment.

Save and restore your browsing session with ease

Session Manager is the ideal browser add-on for Mac users that work with multiple tabs opened within their Internet browser.

In addition to offering you the option to manually save your browsing sessions, Session Manager is also capable to automatically store the current state in case of a crash.

All your browsing sessions are available in the “Session” folder located inside your profile directory and which you can move to another location with ease. You can open the Session folder via the Session Manager submenu under the Tools menu of your web browser.

Name your sessions accordingly and remove old ones

From Session Manager’s sub menu you can view recently closed windows and tabs, save or load a session, save the current window, rename group or delete sessions and access the Manager Options window.

Furthermore, Session Manager helps you clear your closed window list, closed tab list or closed list with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can gain more control over your current and past sessions by accessing Session Manager’s main window.

Organize and group browsing sessions and assign hot keys

Session Manager allows you to manage all existing sessions, append tabs or windows to the current session, replace sessions entirely, change their name and more. Thanks to the Options window, you have the option to further customize Session Manager based on your needs.

Moreover, Session Manager can be configured to star your browser using a given session and save your browsing session when closing Firefox or SeaMonkey. On top of that, Session Manager is able to order your session list alphabetically or based on their creation date.

Session Manager also allows you to assign custom keyboard shortcuts for various functions such as delete, group, save, load or rename sessions, open session folder and more.

Session Manager was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Session Manager - You can also save or load sessions via this toolbar button.Session Manager - This is where you will be able to manage your browsing sessions.Session Manager - screenshot #3Session Manager - screenshot #4Session Manager - screenshot #5Session Manager - screenshot #6Session Manager - screenshot #7Session Manager - screenshot #8Session Manager - screenshot #9Session Manager - screenshot #10Session Manager - screenshot #11Session Manager - screenshot #12

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