Sendmail 8.5

Free general purpose internetwork mail routing facility
Sendmail implements a general purpose internetwork mail routing facility under the UNIX operating system. It is not tied to anyone transport protocol — its function may be likened to a crossbar switch, relaying messages from one domain into another.

In the process, it can do a limited amount of message header editing to put the message into a format that is appropriate for the receiving domain. Sendmail performs oll these actions under the control of a configuration file.

last updated on:
December 17th, 2012, 11:50 GMT
file size:
2 MB
license type:
developed by:
The Sendmail Consortium
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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What's New in version 8.14.4
  • some certificate authorities do not properly check the requests they are signing and hence allow spoofing via an embedded NUL in the CN entry. Some checks have been added to deal with "bogus" CNs (see below and doc/op/op.*).
  • a workaround for a Linux resolver problem has been added to avoid core dumps.
  • the value of headers, e.g., Precedence, Content-Type,, was not extracted correctly thus preventing them from being recognized properly; leading spaces were not stripped (which was an unintended side effect of an earlier change) and hence comparing them with expected values (e.g., "first-class" for Precedence) did not work.
  • between 8.11.7 and 8.12.0 the length limitation on a return path was erroneously reduced.
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