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A versatile and fully-featured web-browser, email and newsgroup client, web feed reader and HTML editor specially designed for advanced users

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SeaMonkey is a highly customizable and user-friendly all-in-one Internet application for your Mac that enables you to browse the web, read RSS and Atom feeds, chat via IRC and check your mail.

Advanced web browser

From SeaMonkey’s main window you can easily open and view multiple pages at the same time thanks to the tabbed browsing capabilities. What is more you can create your own homepage using multiple websites and restore closed tabs with just a few keystrokes.

Thanks to Session Restore function, you can manage your browsing sessions and bring them back if the SeaMonkey or your Mac crashes. On top of that, you can synchronize your browsing history, accounts and passwords, preferences, bookmarks and tabs across different computers in a fast and secure way.

Inbuilt RSS reader, as well as add-ons and Personas for easy customization

SeaMonkey also comes with a handy Add-ons Management tools that you can use to extend SeaMonkey’s abilities and improve your browsing experience by using various add-ons. You can even personalize SeaMonkey’s looks and choose from thousands of Personas.

SeaMonkey is also capable to automatically detect feeds and notify you when the visited page provides RSS or Atom feeds. Moreover, the Feed Preview helps you check your feeds' content and decide to which feeds you want to subscribe.

Bundled email and IRC client

You can use the built-in RSS reader provided by the Mail & Newsgroups component that comes with SeaMonkey. All your blogs and news feeds are displayed in the messaging center from where you can access information from all over the web.

Tabbed Mail allows you to manage your mail accounts and folders at the same time without loosing track of your work. SeaMonkey keeps junk mail away with the help of the adaptive junk mail control system that progressively learns how to detect junk mail more efficiently.

SeaMonkey also features a handy IRC client that you can use to connect to multiple networks and channels. Furthermore, you can change the look and feel of the chat window by using a wide variety of motifs.

SeaMonkey was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
SeaMonkey - The main window where you can open multiple tabs.SeaMonkey - screenshot #2SeaMonkey - screenshot #3SeaMonkey - The Preferences window where you can set the start-up behavior.SeaMonkey - screenshot #5SeaMonkey - You may also set the browsing history depth.SeaMonkey - screenshot #7SeaMonkey - screenshot #8SeaMonkey - screenshot #9SeaMonkey - screenshot #10SeaMonkey - screenshot #11SeaMonkey - You have the possibility to specify the default download location.SeaMonkey - screenshot #13SeaMonkey - screenshot #14SeaMonkey - screenshot #15SeaMonkey - screenshot #16

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