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A self hosted web application that offers you the possibility to access computers remotely, create support sessions, connect with other people through meetings and more.

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Being able to control computers remotely can be a great asset when you need to conduct meetings or offer support. ScreenConnect is a powerful application that can be managed via a web console and allows you to set up support session or meetings.

At the same time, you can use ScreenConnect to access sessions set up by other users or to connect remotely to familiar computers, although you need to have an invitation or know the join code.

Installation via the

Within the ScreenConnect installation package, you will find an install.command file that, when double clicked, will launch the and start installing the ScreenConnect application. Note that you will have to provide an installation location, create a service name for the app, and confirm the procedure.

Once everything is in place, ScreenConnect will open the Safari web browser and point it to http://localhost:8040/Host . This way you will be able to access the ScreenConnect administrative console. Of course, you can access the console from any web browser you like.

Manage meetings remotely and create support sessions

Via the ScreenConnect administrative console you can quickly create new support sessions and connect to your host. ScreenConnect allows you to send messages, run commands, or store notes.

You can use ScreenConnect to connect to the computers of your meeting’s guests, but they must install the ScreenConnect Client beforehand. Other people can join your meetings if they receive and invitation, or if you provide a simple or a secure code.

These methods are in place to help you make sure all your meetings remain private. Of course, ScreenConnect also gives you the possibility to create public meetings.

Self-hosted solution for establishing remote connections

Even though the ScreenConnect installation process is not precisely user friendly, once you reach the administrative console, accessing all available functionalities is quite intuitive. All in all, if you are looking for a solution to connect remotely to other computers, ScreenConnect deserves a try.

ScreenConnect was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
ScreenConnect - In the window you can set up the parameters of the ScreenConnect installation.ScreenConnect - You can open the ScreenConnect administrative console by using a web browser of your choice.ScreenConnect - In the ScreenConnect main window you can create new support sessions, create meetings and more.ScreenConnectScreenConnectScreenConnectScreenConnectScreenConnectScreenConnectScreenConnect

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