Stylish for Safari 1.6.7

A straightforward Safari extension that enables you to personalize and modify the look of your favorite websites using various style sheets

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What's new in Stylish for Safari 1.6:

  • updated: global and popover scripts rewrited in pure js (no jQuery)
  • updated: popover autohide after find/manage button click
  • updated: integration
  • fixed: update style functionality
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MIT License 
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Vladimir Sobolev
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Stylish for SafariStylish for SafariStylish for SafariStylish for SafariStylish for Safari
Stylish for Safari is a self-explanatory browser extension designed to help you apply user-created style sheets to any given webpage, in addition to the Cascading Style Sheets provided by the website, in order to personalize and customize the appearance of the web page.

Quickly and easily change the look of your favorite webpages

By using Stylish for Safari, you can search, manage and edit user styles, which can target a specific web page, several ones or all of the pages on one or more domains.

With Stylish for Safari’s help, you can download and install stylesheets from a companion website filled with custom user styles created by the members.

User styles are CSS style sheets specially made to modify the appearance of various websites and can be applied only to the specified targets.

Change the color scheme or remove advertisements from top visited websites

User styles are added to the existing CSS rules of the website and between the most common uses of users styles is for blocking advertisements, applying new color schemes and for removing certain page elements.

From Stylish for Safari’s drop-down menu, you can view all the styles applied to the currently visited page and enable or disable certain styles. By accessing Stylish for Safari’s “Manage” page, you can easily view, edit, enable, check for updates or delete exiting user styles.

Easily find, edit and apply user styles

In addition, Stylish for Safari features a built-in Search engine that makes it easy for you to find and install various user styles with just a couple of keystrokes. The Edit side tab helps you edit any given user style and decide for which URLs, URL prefix, domain or Regexp should the style be applied.

On top of that, Stylish for Safari helps you login into using your account and import or export styles.

Stylish for Safari was reviewed by , last updated on January 19th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X (-)


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