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A straightforward web browser that aims to remove usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functions featured by Google Chrome

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SRWare Iron is a well-designed and user-oriented web browser, based on Chromium, that presents itself as an alternative to the popular web browser.

A privacy-oriented web browser for everyday use

SRWare Iron’s main objective is to eliminate privacy-compromising features such as usage tracking present in Google Chrome.

Between the features that sets apart SRWare Iron we could mention the built-in add blocking functionality that helps you enjoy the content of your favorite webpages without getting distracted by advertisements.

A Simple and clean user interface that helps you focus on the viewed content

As expected, SRWare Iron borrows the sleek interface, state of the art features and other functions from the browser it tries to replace. Consequently, SRWare Iron’s design is very similar to Google Chrome, a fact that makes it very easy for you to get familiar with the app.

Installation IDs, Page suggestion, Alternat Error Pages, Error Reporting, RLZ-Tracking, URL Tracker and Google Updater are come of the problems that might compromise your privacy. Fortunately, SRWare Iron removed them in order to provide you a web browser without the critical points that privacy concern.

Moreover, the User-Agent in SRWare Iron is versatile and can be permanently changed by UA.ini unlike Google Chrome’s User-Agent that can be changes only with parameters over a link or command.

Helps you take advantage of the screen estate provided by your Mac

While Google Chrome delivers 8 preview thumbs on the “NewTab” page, SRWare Iron offers you 12 preview-thumbs in order to help you take advantage of the space provided by your Mac’s display. You can check the list with all the differences between the two browsers HERE.

On the whole, SRWare Iron is a streamlined web-browser with great concern for your privacy that helps you browse the web without worrying for your privacy.

SRWare Iron was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
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