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A Firefox and Google Chrome add-on that removes the country restrictions from various popular websites such as Grooveshark, Pandora or Google Play

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Thanks to the Internet we can easily access and obtain information, watch videos, listen to music and various radio stations from all over the world. Unfortunately, some of the services that allow us to access this kind of information are not accessible from all corners of the earth due to country restrictions. No worries though, because ProxMate is here to save the day.

ProxMate is a powerful and versatile add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome specially designed to help you avoid these annoying country restrictions and enjoy your favorite video sharing websites, services and online radio stations regardless of the country from which you try to access or use them. Furthermore, ProxMate can offer you access to numerous services without slowing down your browsing speed.

By accessing the Firefox Add-ons Manager tab, you can configure ProxMate to automatically check for updates and even configure it to use your own proxy. You just have to enable the feature and provide a proxy URL along with the port.

In addition, you can enable or disable ProxMate for websites such as YouTube, Pandora, GrooveShark, US version of Google Play, Southparkstudios, Vevo, iHear and On top of that, ProxMate allows you to visit websites such as Songza, Discovery, Hulu, Crunchyroll,,,,, Spotify and Beatsmusic.

If Google Chrome is the browser of your choice, then you can open the Extensions page and access the Options window in order to tweak ProxMate. From here, you can define and use your own proxy and even create custom rules for proxy to URL mappings.

Assuming that you want to use the Internet the way it was meant to be used, and render all country restrictions useless without damaging your browsing speed, then you should install ProxMate in your favorite browser and enjoy freedom.

ProxMate was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 10th, 2015
ProxMate - The add-on will unblock Pandora, Grooveshark, US Google play store and more.

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