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An easy to use email client.
Postbox Express - The main window where you can explore your mail account.
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Postbox Express is a very easy to use, simple but powerful email application for Mac.

Postbox Express is based on the same platform as our premium version of Postbox, but contains a lighter-weight feature set that's perfect for home use.

Main features:

  • Awesome Search:
  • Ultra-Fast Search - The Search Bar is the fastest way to search for messages. Simply enter a term and... KA-KOW! — instant results. You can also use operators such as "from:Scott," "subject:Conference," or even more search operators, directly within the search bar.
  • The search drop-down menu will also present suggestions from your search history, which lets you reuse common searches — just like a web browser.
  • Advanced Search Panel - An Advanced Search Panel lets you quickly construct searches that combine multiple parameters such as sender, subject, or topic. For dates, you can use natural language criteria such as after: "last Monday" or before: "this month." So easy!
  • Actionable Search Results - Once you've found the messages you need, you should be able to use them, right? In Postbox Express you can move, copy, tag, archive, or delete any message from your search results with a simple click.
  • Smarter Message and Content Views:
  • Intuitive Conversation Views - Postbox Express helps you make sense of long email threads by letting you view messages by conversation. Simply select a summary row in your message list to see a working "who-said-what-when" view of messages within that conversation. 
Tabbed Email Browsing - Like a Web browser, Postbox Express lets you view folders and messages in tabs — enabling you to create more efficient workspaces. For example, each account Inbox can be opened in its own tab. You can then quickly switch between tabs, or even reorder tabs to customize your view. 
Simplified Account and Folder Views - Postbox Express lets you slice and dice your account and folder views in ways that reduce clutter and simplify your life. When you select an account, only the folders that belong to that account are displayed, which minimizes distractions and helps you to focus on just one thing at a time. 

  • Better Message Handling:
  • Quick Message Archive - Want to keep a message around but don't want to bother with filing it? Just use Archive! One click and the message is moved out of your way and into a dedicated Archive folder. Don't worry, you'll still be able to find anything that you need by using Postbox's powerful search features. 
Easy Message Tagging - Use Postbox Express to tag your messages by Topics. A topic can be anything - a project, important client, an event, or even priority. 
Assigning a Topic is easy. Type in any word or select from a list of your favorites. Unlike folders (that force you to make decisions on where to file), you can assign as many topics to a messages as you like. And here's the best part — when you assign a topic to a message, it gets applied to all other messages in the conversation, and all future message replies, automagically! 

  • Mac OS X Integration Features:
  • Mac Address Book Support - Postbox Express provides read and write support for the Mac Address Book. Keep all of your contacts in one location and sync them with your iPhone or MobileMe service. 
Send Meeting Invites with iCal - Apple’s iCal can now use Postbox Express for sending calendar notifications.
Search for Mail Using Spotlight - Postbox Express provides full support for Apple’s Spotlight to search through message bodies, message header information such as To: or From:, and attachment names.  
Exchange Images with iPhoto - iPhoto can use Postbox Express to send photos with just a single click! 
Things - Quickly convert emails into Things tasks, and link tasks to Postbox Express emails. 
OmniFocus - Powerful integration with OmniFocus will help you organize and get things done. 

  • More Social:
  • Quick Status Updates - Postbox lets you quickly update your status on Facebook, Twitter, or FriendFeed. It's a great way to stay in touch without the distraction of visiting each site within a browser. 

  • Security:
  • Anti-Phishing and Malware Services - Postbox Express helps protect you from viruses, spyware, trojan horses and more by checking URLs that are sent to you against a database of suspected phishing or malware sites. The database is automatically updated every 30 minutes, and if a potentially malicious URL is identified, a warning message will be prominently displayed. 
Automatic Updates Keep You Safe - Your security is important to us, so Postbox Express will keep itself up-to-date with the latest security and performance enhancements. The update process is automated, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 
Based on Mozilla® Technology - Postbox Express is based on Mozilla technology, and as part of our continuing commitment to keep you as secure as possible, we'll quickly incorporate Mozilla security updates as they become available. 

  • Quick and Easy Setup:
  • Get Started in 2 Minutes! - Once Postbox Express first starts, you'll be presented with our Setup Wizard. Enter your name (as shown to others), email address and password, and Postbox Express will automatically determine your connection settings for you!

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Postbox Express
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8 Screenshots
Postbox ExpressPostbox Express - The Preferences window where you can set the alert sound.Postbox ExpressPostbox ExpressPostbox ExpressPostbox ExpressPostbox Express - You may also customize the application behavior.

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