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A Mac OS X application that can establish a connection between multiple devices and allows you to remotely access user specified files or folders.

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Moving data from one device to another to make it available on the go or to share it with other members of your team is time consuming and requires your attention constantly. Polkast is a small Mac app that comes with an alternative solution.

Polkast creates a secure connection between your Mac and other devices and allows you to access shared files or folders from virtually anywhere in the world. However, you must have the Polkast app installed on all devices and you must make sure that the computer that represents the source location is always awake.

To get started, you must install the Polkast desktop application on your Mac, connect to your Polkast account (you can register for a new one free of charge) and then specify the files and folders you want to make available in the Library panel. What’s more, Polkast is capable to integrate with your iTunes or iPhoto library.

The same area allows you to share specific files and folder. In addition, you can also monitor all the started and queued activities. The app must run at all times but it will not disturb your workflow: after the initial setup you can close its main window and then use the status bar menu to open it again if you need to perform adjustments.

Noteworthy is that certain features, such as the possibility to share entire folders with others, requires you upgrade your account to the Pro plan (the subscription must be renewed every year).

To sum up, Polkast delivers a simple and secure method for accessing data stored on your Mac from a remote location, using various types of devices, without having to deal with complex tools.
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Last updated on July 11th, 2014

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