PesterCat 2.7.0

Web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications
PesterCat - PesterCat's interface will allow you to add, modify and run custom tests for your web applications.
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PesterCat features an integrated proxy recorder that enables you to record scripts using your favorite web browser.

A configurable replacement rules and filtering engine make it possible to insert parameters and filter out unwanted requests while recording.

PesterCat runs on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. PesterCat is a great tool to aid in website testing and development!

Main features:

  • MultiPlatform: Develop tests on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows Platforms.
  • Recording and playback of HTTP web requests.
  • Save scripts in an open XML format.
  • HTTP response validations using XPath or regular expressions.
  • SQL database validations using JDBC.
  • Use variables and variable setters to make scripts dynamic.
  • Automate your test scripts with Ant tasks to run scripts and generate reports.
  • HTML playback report formats included icons and highlighting features to help quickly identify problems.
  • Support for multiple application profiles assists more advanced users who test more than one application or require multiple groups of settings.
  • Tabbed interface for scripts. Open multiple scripts at once without cluttering your desktop.
  • Simple and easy to use interface supporting Drag/Drop/Cut/Paste operations.
  • Replacement Rules: dynamically assign variables as scripts are recorded.
  • Constants: define commonly used host and port settings
  • Default Variables: variables that will automatically be added to each script you create
  • Use loops to repeat scripts steps.
  • Loops and data sets allow you to make scripts dynamic using loops. Data sets can be created using tab seperated values files, static table data sets, or dynamically generated at runtime via SQL queries.
  • Syntax highlighting for SQL validations and variable setters.
  • Comment Steps: allow you to inline comments or variable values in playback reports.
  • Linked Script Steps: allow one script to call another.
  • Custom Javascript Steps provide a mechanism for advanced testers or applications developers to write custom steps, validations, and set variables.

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November 18th, 2009, 20:19 GMT
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5.5 MB
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PesterCat LLC
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Mac OS X
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Universal Binary
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4 Screenshots
PesterCat - The Edit menu will help the user to easily insert new test components to be used while running the test on its web app of choice.PesterCat - The Script menu will allow one to quickly overview the script's information, to add. edit or remove variables and also to add different types of datasets to the script.PesterCat - The Network dialog in the Preferences window will allow the user to easily setup the proxy recorder's port and the HTTP proxy's settings.
What's New in This Release:
  • Add recording/playback configuration options in preferences.
  • Fix: set post params charset encoding correctly when handling POST param data (non multi-part requests only).
  • Parse charset off of 'Content-Type' headers if there is no space after the semicolon. Example: text/html;charset=UTF-8
  • Fix: handle file data sets (TSV files) which have row lengths that are shorter than the column count.
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