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Imagine an email program that was smart enough to observe and learn how you handle your email. Like offering to reply to certain types of email messages using a response you've previously sent. Or giving you the option to auto-file a message you've read based on how you've filed similar messages in the past.

What if you could defer a message from your inbox for a few days or weeks, so that it magically reappears later when you're ready to deal with it? What if this program had an amazing junk mail filter that would leave your inbox devoid of spam? And what if this program was as familiar and easy to use as Apple Mail?

Outspring Mail is an email client for your Mac that takes the best features of existing email programs and couples them with patent-pending intelligent functions to create a program that will make your email chores far easier.

And since this is a current-generation application, it supports major email protocols including POP, IMAP, SMTP and SSL. Outspring Mail also runs natively on OS X Leopard and on the latest Macintosh computers.

Email With A Brain
Outspring Mail ushers in an entirely new category of software to the Macintosh: adaptive intelligent software. By using advanced database analysis and Bayesian logic, the program is able to ascertainImage patterns in the way you reply to and file your mail and make suggestions to assist you with your communications. Think about it...if you frequently reply to an email message that says, "How do I get to your office?" or words to that effect; shouldn't your email program be smart enough to know that you've replied to this same type of message before? And shouldn't it then offer to use one of these replies for the current message?

The program also offers a similar technique for filing messages. Once the program has gone through a short learning process of observing your mail filing habits and cross-referencing message content, it will begin to suggest appropriate folders or mailboxes to file messages. Instead of dragging messages to folder icons, you'll be presented with one or more likely destination buttons that will automatically file your mail in an appropriate location.

Message Deferment
Another unique feature of Outspring Mail is a function called Message Deferment. This is much like the "snooze" button on an alarm clock. Many people will receive a message, read it, make a mental note to handle it later and then leave it in their Inbox. ImageAfter a few weeks or months, their Inbox becomes an unmanageable mess. But what if you could instead read the message, decide you don't want to deal with it this week and send it "away" for a week?

The deferment feature then moves the message to a special folder and the program waits for the selected amount of time. When that time period has elapsed, Outspring Mail then moves the message back into the Inbox with an indicator reminding you that the message is a deferred message that has been returned.

Intelligent Summary
The product also contains a unique "Intelligent Summary" view. By using advanced summarizing algorithms, this feature allows you to quickly review email by a list of the summarized content, negating the need to open each message to see the heart of that content.

Spam Control
ImageOutspring Mail also contains an advanced spam filter that can eliminate 98% of your incoming junk mail. Having developed a server-side spam blocker for a number of years, Outspring has leveraged this experience into the spam filter which is included with the product.

Data Detectors For Calendar & Address Book
Another useful feature is data detection on incoming messages that link to the Macintosh built in Imagecalendar, iCal. If you receive a message that contains a phrase like, "Let's meet for lunch next Friday...", Outspring Mail will convert the phrase "next Friday" into a hot link. Clicking that link will take you to the iCal entry for the following Friday (based on the send date of the message). This Imagefeature works with literal dates like 1/15/09, May 15, 2008 and also with relative dates like "next Friday", "last Tuesday", etc.

Outspring Mail also links to your Apple address book, so contact data will be displayed within messages (like the contacts photo, if present). Clicking on that contact's image will take you to that entry in the address book.

Easy Transition From Apple Mail & QuickMailImage
Whether you are an existing Apple Mail or QuickMail user, you'll find it easy to import all of your existing email data into Outspring Mail. Our import assistant allows you to select which accounts you wish to import into Outspring Mail while leaving the database of the prior program intact. Import works with both POP and IMAP accounts.

ImageSpell Check
Outspring Mail utilizes the the Macintosh system dictionary for spelling, corrections, synonyms and definitions. Misspelled words are highlighted as they are typed, which reduces the need to proof-read your outgoing messages. You can also check the definitions of words by simply control-clicking the word in question. By using the system dictionary, Outspring Mail is compatible with any language supported by OS X.
Last updated on June 24th, 2010
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