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Nemo is the first Newsgroups/Usenet reader made for Mac OS X. You can follow your favourite discussion with an elegant and powerfull user-interface that is designed to look and behave like an Apple Application.

Nemo is a tool that uses the most recent Mac OS X technologies like WebKit and Spotlight. Nemo is a native Cocoa Application available both in Intel and PPC platform (Universal Binary).

Nemo is the perfect companion of your MacBook. With the all in one interface based on tabs, as like lotfs of popular browsers, you can follow lots of disccusions at time and organize them with a simple drag & drop.

Nemo uses WebKit in order to render messages on screen. This means that if you know a little bit of CSS you can create your own messages styles or threads map styles easily and share them with other users like in Adium or Colloquy.

The default integrated style implements faces support, dynamic tags view and dynamic show/hide quoted part (as Google Groups Reader).

As in iTunes you can create Smart Folders that shows the list of messages that match a specified set of critera. Smart folder can search dynamically between more than a newsgroup at time, you can instantaneously find your favourite disccussions.

If you want you can store and organize your favourite thread using Virtual Newsgroups.

You can import faces/avatar from MacSoup profiles and see them when you navigate between posts in Nemo. Nemo is fully compatible with all x-face types, X-Face-URL (link to avatar on the web), Color Faces (PNG) and the standard black & white X-Face format.
Last updated on June 25th, 2008

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