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A straightforward email client with a user-oriented interface and a reliable device-to-device encryption designed to protect your messages

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Mynigma is a simple, intuitive and reliable email client that enables you to securely and easily exchange encrypted messages with other Mynigma users.

Helps you keep your email private by automatically encrypting them

The light and user-oriented Mac OS X application helps you keep your email private and away from prying eyes. Mynigma’s advanced encryption algorithm automatically encrypts your messages when both the sender and the recipient use the same email client.

The best part about Mynigma is that you are not required to change your email address, you can use your existing accounts.

Effortlessly import email accounts from Apple Mail app

Moreover, makes it easy for you to import email accounts from Apple Mail app and, as a result, you can enjoy a smooth and worry-free transition from Apple’s default client to Mynigma. Unfortunately, Mynigma did not behave as expected and some email accounts could not be imported successfully.

On the other hand, Mynigma’s Setup Assistant managed to help us add new email accounts without a glitch. It is worth mentioning that Mynigma does not offer support for POP3 but, you can easily add IMAP/SMTP-enabled accounts, and work with Gmail labels.

From Mynigma’s main window you have quick access to your Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam and other folders from your accounts. In addition, Mynigma seamlessly integrates with Apple Contacts and helps you access your list with ease.

Easily display all emails exchanged with a given contact

By selecting any entry from your contacts list, you can view all emails exchanged with the selected contact. Mynigma also features intuitive keyboard shortcuts that you can use to flag and mark your emails and spam or unread.

We would have appreciated Mynigma even more if it featured support for Apple Calendars and if there were more tools and features designed to help you organize your emails, schedule events and manage your inbox.

However, if privacy and data security are your top priorities, and you have the ability to persuade your friends, family or co-workers to use the same email client as you in order to encrypt your messages, than Mynigma is the app for you.

Mynigma was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 25th, 2015
Mynigma - From Mynigma's main window you can quickly and safely check your emails and reply to messages.Mynigma - The context menu helps you mark an email as flagged, unread or spam.Mynigma - By accessing the Contexts tab, you can view all your contacts along with the exchanged emails.MynigmaMynigmaMynigmaMynigma

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