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A reliable, unobtrusive and very easy to use Safari extension designed to be compatible with various cloud bookmarking services.

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Cloud bookmarking services represent a convenient solution if you want to make sure you have access to your entire bookmarks collection regardless of the device or web browser you are employing.

Cloudmarks is a Safari extension that pushes things even further by integrating several popular Cloud bookmarking services within your browser, in order to provide a more streamlined experience. The Cloudmarks panel can be activated with a single click and allows you to search for links stored in your Pinboard, Delicious, or Kippt accounts.

Easy to install Safari extension for accesing Cloud bookmarking services

The Cloudmarks extension integrates easily into your Safari web browser and places a small icon in your address bar. Right of the bat, you must specify the bookmarking service your want to use (note that you can choose to work only with the ones stored locally).

The Cloudmarks panel allows you to search for entries, but also enables you to quickly add new entries to your bookmarks database. Via the Cloudmarks Settings panel, you can choose the default target service when adding a new URL.

Effortlessly personalize the way in which you interact with Cloud bookmarking services

For your convenience, Cloudmarks allows you to set up keyboard combinations for displaying the bookmarks list or for opening the add bookmark form. At the same time, you can choose to have the bookmarks automatically opened in a new tab (placed on the left or on the right side of the current tab), in a new window, or in the background.

Other options include the possibility to visualize the most recently added bookmarks or the most frequently used ones when you open Cloudmarks, to sort the entries by different criteria, or to use popover windows when available.

Unobtrusive Safari extension that provides streamlined access to popular Cloud bookmarking services

If you are using the Pinboard, Delicious, or Kippt online services, Cloudmarks is a great addition to your Safari web browser: you can to search or navigate your entire bookmarks collection within a small but very efficient panel. The good news is that Cloudmarks can also work with locally stored databases, so it will prove useful in all cases.

Cloudmarks was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Cloudmarks - From Cloudmarks' pop up menu you can access and add new bookmarks to your cloud bookmarks.Cloudmarks - By accessing the Extensions tab from Safari's Preferences window you will be able to enable or disable the Cloudmarks extension.Cloudmarks - The Cloudmarks Settings page helps you configure the keyboard shortcuts and enable or disable various  extension options.

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