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Generate personalized email's messages for any group in Address Book





Massive Mail is an AppleScript application that allows you to generate personalized email's messages for any group in Address Book using Mail.

With Massive Mail, you can attach files, folders and if you want, you can compress the attachments before add them to the messages.

Massive Mail allows you to use a delay between messages, por example you can set a delay of 60 seconds each 15 messages. You can configure this options in the Preferences.

Massive Mail uses tags to generate customized messages and you can personalize these tags in the window Preferences, but keep in mind that any text in the message will be replaced by the contact information that that tag represents.

Massive mail does not use the distribution list of Address Book, because email labels are more usefuls and dynamics.

You can choose the group, the email label and the contacts that will be including at the time of generating the messages by giving click in the item 'Adressees' of the toolbar.
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
Massive Mail - The main window where you can set the subject for each template.Massive MailMassive Mail - The Insert menu where you can automatically insert your address in your emails.Massive MailMassive MailMassive Mail - The Preferences window where you can choose to always request a return receipt.

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