Mango IRC for Mac2.1

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A straightforward IRC client that provides the necessary tools and features to connect to IRC channels and chat with various users

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Mango IRC is an user-oriented and intuitive IRC client that enables you to connect to multiple channels and servers at the same time in order to stay in touch with your friends.

IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a straightforward protocol for real-time interactive text messaging or synchronous conferencing and it is primarily used for group communication in discussion forums, one-to-one communication via private messages and even for data sharing and file transfer.

From Mango IRC’s Edit Connection slide sheet you can connect to multiple servers and channels, type your user and nick name along with your real name and password. The Auto Join panel helps you type in the channels to which you want to connect to every time you launch the app.

From the top toolbar you can easily add or remove servers, leave or join a channel and access the Private Message feature. You can even hide or show the side bar along with the user list and jump from one channel to another with just a few mouse clicks.

Mango IRC also feature a built-in search form that enables you to find servers, users, channels and more. Thanks to the Whois feature you can grab and view detailed information about a certain users such as nickname, user, IP address, server, channels he or she joined, idle time and more.

The context menu helps you send private or public messages to the selected user and copy the message. In addition, Mango IRC offers nick and channel auto-completion features that can speed up you writing.

Unfortunately, you cannot select multiple lines for copy and the auto-completion features does not always work. Also, Mango IRC lacks a Preferences window and offers no customization or personalization options. It would have been useful if we could change the font, style, size and color along with the interface color and style of the app.

In short, Mango IRC is a lightweight and user-friendly IRC client that offers various handy features but, it leaves a lot of room for improvements that we hope to see in future updates.

Mango IRC was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 16th, 2013
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