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A simple but powerful email client that integrates with your Dropbox account and enables you to manage your messages in a highly intuitive manner.

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There are various email desktop clients that can be used to manage multiple accounts: Mac OS X even includes the by default. The novelty when it comes to Mailbox is the fact that it can improve your overall experience by making email management a lot more intuitive, and by syncing your settings to all your devices via your Dropbox account.

Email client that sync preferences across all your devices

To start using the Mailbox app, you must login with your Dropbox credentials and give the necessary permissions. The next step is to actually setup your Gmail or iCloud accounts in order to visualize your inboxes.

Since Mailbox will sync your settings to all your devices, you must perform the latter adjustments only once: when you connect to your Dropbox account via Mailbox, all your email accounts will already be in place, regardless if you are using the desktop or mobile clients.

Intuitive email management solution that allows you to organize messages through swiping actions

Mailbox enables you to mark items as read, to delete them, or to archive them by simply swiping the cursor to a direction or another. Of course, if you are using a trackpad, the movements feel a lot more natural.

The application provides support for multiple Google and iCloud accounts, allows you to sort messages into lists, enables you to schedule emails for a later time, and includes an auto-swipe feature that learns from your actions and offers to perform certain actions on its own.

Powerful yet user friendly email desktop client that can improve your overall experience

Mailbox  comes with a light, well structured design and provides access to most of its functions via the app’s main window: this way, finding your way around is quite easy. The drawback is that there are no personalization options when it comes to its appearance.

Noteworthy is that, at the moment, Mailbox is still a Beta release, which means that it is under constant development. As a matter of fact, if you want to test the app on your own, you must request a betacoin on the developer’s website (you need it to unlock the app).

Mailbox was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 2nd, 2015

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