MailMate 1.9.1 Build 5084

Easy to use e-mail client which features state-of-the-art searching capabilities which is also used to provide advanced Smart Mailbox features

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What's new in MailMate 1.9.1 Build 5084:

  • Fixed: The new Bundles preferences pane was unfortunately not enabled by default for new users.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances the HTML body part of an email could be empty (triggered by plain text emails with HTML signatures).
  • Fixed: Automatic software update was only done when launching MailMate (which also delays the distribution of this release).
  • Fixed: A bug which might have triggered the double letter issue seen by some users.
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7 MailMate Screenshots:
MailMate - The left side panel allows you to quickly browse through all connected e-mail accounts' folders.MailMate - The contextual menu will pop-up when right-clicking on the currently selected e-mail.MailMate - From the View menu you will be able to easily re-arrange the e-mails inside MailMate's interface for quicker browsing and viewing..MailMateMailMateMailMateMailMate
The powerful MailMate email client comes with a strong focus on IMAP, keyboard control, and speed.

The encouraged workflow in MailMate is to handle each incoming email by either archiving or deleting it. Smart mailboxes can then be used to automatically organize emails based on any message header of any message body part.

The aim of MailMate is to make navigating, viewing, replying to, and searching for emails as easy and efficient as possible. Even though MailMate is designed for and only supports IMAP, it also works in full when offline.

Visually, MailMate looks like a classic email client with its default use of a three-pane view, but a set of alternative layouts are available including layouts with message views not seen in other email clients.

The long term goal of MailMate is to make it highly configurable by allowing the user to customize both layouts and the views within these layouts. To some extent this is already possible via various experimental features of MailMate.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)

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