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A light, simple, clean and very easy-to-use application designed to help you detect scam email by tracking their geographic origin

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Mail Detective is a handy Mac OS X application that enables you to trace down the IP address of the email sender and locate its location on the map.

Scan emails and locate their sender on the map

You can use Mail Detective trace the emails in your inbox and decide which ones are valid and which ones are scam by trying to trace the geographic location of any given email.

Mail Detective enables you to perform this action, by simply dragging the mail from your inbox onto Mail Detective’s main window.

It is worth mentioning that Mail Detective is compatible with Apple’s Mail app, Airmail, Microsoft Outlook 2011, Mail Pilot and Postbox.

If your email client does not allow you to drag and drop a message, you can display the raw message source text and copy it to Mail Detective.

Take advantage of the built-in system service and send the raw source to Mail Detective

Thunderbird and Unibox are capable to display the raw message source from which Mail Detective can grab the IP address of the sender. You can also use the built-in system service that helps you copy and paste the raw message source text into Mail Detective.

During our testing period, Mail Detective’s detection rate proved to be very low, a fact that might push away prospective buyers. In order to increase its reliability and accuracy, Mail Detective should use the information available in the “Received: from” field available within the raw source of all email messages.

View the country and the city from which an email was sent

In conclusion, Mail Detective might help you find the geographic location of the email sender and help you detect spam messages. Hopefully, Mail Detective’s detection rate will improve with the release of future updates.

Mail Detective was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
Mail Detective - Mail Detective helps you find the location on the map of the sender with ease.

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