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An unobtrusive yet very powerful Apple Mail plug-in that enables you to modify the way in which the application handles emails that have attachments.

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By default, if you include an image file within an email message, the Apple Mail application automatically displays the image within the message window. Attachment Tamer is a simple yet efficient plug-in that enables you to see the files as icons, and includes many other customization options

Unobtrusive plug-in that integrates seamlessly with your Apple Mail application

To streamline the installation process, the Attachment Tamer plug-in comes with an installer package that determines if the is closed (you must quit the email client to integrate the plug-in), and relaunches the app when the process is over.

The next step is to navigate to the plug-in Preferences panel (included in the Preferences window), and make your own adjustments. The plug-in allows you to change the way in which you are seeing the attachments within the emails, but also how the files are integrated within the message when composing and sending new emails.

Easy to setup plug-in designed to help you handle email attachments in a more efficient manner

Right off the bat, Attachment Tamer offers you the possibility to see various types of files attached to the massages as icons: text or html files, PDF and image files that are larger than a certain amount, audio or video files, but also images included in HTML layouts. The best part, is that you can also create your own exclusions list.

Moreover, Attachment Tamer allows you to make sure that you always send attachments in a compatible format, and that all images are downsized to a certain resolution. In addition, you can setup rules for inserting attachments: if they should be included in the reply, if the attachments are Windows friendly, and so on.

Efficient Apple Mail plug-in that enables you to define your own rules for handling attachments

Attachment Tamer offers you the possibility to modify the way in which the is integrating and displaying attachment files within your messages. As a result, you will have a greater control over your email’s appearance, especially when communicating with Windows users.

Attachment Tamer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 21st, 2014
Attachment Tamer - In the Attachment Tamer "Viewing" panel you can specify the type of files you want to see as icons.Attachment Tamer - In the Attachment Tamer "Composing and Sending" panel you can choose to downsize images to a specific image size.Attachment Tamer - In the Attachment Tamer "Advanced" panel you can choose to see hidden attachments, and more.Attachment Tamer - screenshot #4

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