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An easy to use Mac OS X application designed to help you create 3D network, office, or datacenter diagrams without too much trouble.

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Having a clean and organized view upon your network, office organization, or datacenter structure is extremely important to identify possible issues and even find solutions. MaSSHandra is a Mac app that provides a 3D environment for creating network diagrams via intuitive, user friendly drag and drop actions.

Easy to install solution for creating 3D office diagrams, network maps, flow charts, or datacenter representations

MaSSHandra comes with its own installer package which reduces the installation process to simply following the on-screen instructions. Depending on your project type, MaSSHandra offers you the possibility to include various elements into your diagram: text panels, site objects, L3 devices, office gadgets, area panels, and so on.

Noteworthy is that MaSSHandra allows you to create a visual representation for your network, but also enables you to see how the structure integrates into your office space. This is possible because the application also includes tools for creating simple floor or building renditions.

Effortlessly generate diagrams using the autodiscovery function, and monitor your network’s status

For your convenience, MaSSHandra comes with a built-in network autodiscovery function that uses the SNMP protocol to discover all connected devices. To streamline the diagram creation, MaSSHandra comes with a predefined collection of 3D objects, but you get to easily create your own symbols in the Mesh Editor.

The application automatically establishes a link to your network devices and allows you to check the status of each connected workstation by using various methods (the Ping command, or the SNMP or TCP protocols readings). In addition, MaSSHandra allows you to use the diagram to access remote devices.

Powerful software utility for creating comprehensive 3D network diagrams

MaSSHandra provides a collection of simple but efficient tools for quickly creating a 3D representation f0r your network. Finding your way around the app should be fairly intuitive, even though the interface design is sightly outdated.

The MaSSHandra projects can also be exported to HTML documents, so you can easily publish them or share them with other in no time. The diagrams can be visualized inside a web browser that is compatible with the WebGL technology.

MaSSHandra was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 10th, 2015
MaSSHandra - In the MaSSHandra main window you can easily select the diagram type you want to create.MaSSHandra - In the MaSSHandra main window you can create multiple elements and adjust their properties.MaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandraMaSSHandra - The MaSSHandra application also offers you the possibility to quickly adjust the auto-discovery settings.MaSSHandra

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