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An easy to use Firefox add-on designed to improve your overall productivity by allowing you to click links by using the keyboard

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LoL is a minimalist Mozilla Firefox extension that enables you to effortlessly navigate a webpage by using various hotkeys. The add-on creates a shortcut for each link, and you can follow the URL by simply typing the keyboard combination. Of course, the assigned hotkeys are revealed by another keyboard shortcut.

Easy to install Firefox extension that can improve your productivity

Even though the LoL project has not been receiving an update for quite some time, the extension still works even on the most recent Firefox versions. To install the add-on simply download the .xpi file, confirm the installation, and restart the browser.

By default, the LoL hotkeys for each URL are revealed by pressing the Space bar. However, via the add-on Preferences window, you can change the “magic key”, and also define start, regen and blur keys.

The same area enables you to change the default numbers that are used for the links hotkeys, and the maximum delay between two “magic key” hits to deactivate the focus on a form.

Unsophisticated but highly efficient Firefox extension that enables you to browse online using only your keyboard

Usually, to be able to navigate any website using the Mozilla Firefox application, you must use both your keyboard and your mouse: of course, you can jump between different areas of a page using the keyboard, but not all links are detected.

LoL eliminates the need to use the mouse by quickly assigning hotkeys to all the URLs detected on a webpage. The best part is that LoL generates hotkeys only for the links that are currently visible, and reassigns them each time you scroll up or down. This is especially efficient when dealing with a large website.

To conclude, if you are looking for a tool that has the potential to boost your productivity while browsing the web, the LoL Firefox extension deserves a try.

LoL was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 2nd, 2015
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