LiteSpeed Web Server for Mac4.2.23

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A powerful web server software solution designed to replace Apache in order to provide improved performance and lower maintenance costs.

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LiteSpeed Web Server is a powerful web server solution that provides support for most Apache functions. As a result, you can use Apache configuration files with LiteSpeed Web Server when switching to the new web server.

The LiteSpeed Web Server solution is recommended by the fact that you can manage multiple clients at the same time while using a minimal amount of resources. At the same time, LiteSpeed Web Server is able to handle DDoS attacks and other traffic spikes.

Quick to deploy web server centered around efficiency and easy of use

LiteSpeed Web Server is capable to read Apache configuration files, so you should be able to get the server up and running in no time. Moreover, LiteSpeed Web Server sports and intuitive user interface for the WebAdmin console, and templates designed to help you configure virtual hosts.

LiteSpeed Web Server comes with basic web server capabilities, such as HTTP 1.0/1.1 compatibility, support for various scripting languages and server APIs, for the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, or for concurrent connections.

Focused on both performance and security enhancements

LiteSpeed Web Server is able to process hundreds of thousands of connections at the same time while leaving a very small print on your memory usage. At the same time, the static and dynamic content is being handled a lot faster, each page comes with built-in caching, the scalability of web apps in increased, and so on.

As far as security is concerned, LiteSpeed Web Server comes with a collection of features designed to fight off DDoS attacks, blocks buffer-overrun attempts, uses strict HTTP request validation, and much more.

Powerful yet easy to use Apache compatible web server with extensive functionalities

LiteSpeed Web Server proposes powerful and efficient web hosting tools that can be accessed via an intuitive and user friendly web admin console. The web server is defined to reduce the resources consumption in order to be able to handle more connections, but also takes security measurements designed to block attacks.

LiteSpeed Web Server was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 20th, 2015
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