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A simple but good looking app that offers you a smart set of tools in order to enhance your reading experience as well as, a big library from which you can choose the eBook you like.

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Ever wanted to read your favorite Amazon books on your Mac’s desktop? Look no further, because the Kindle For Mac app is exactly what you need by providing you with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface and smart tools that will enhance your reading experience.

Regardless of your destination, your Kindle books are always with you via a smart synchronization system

The Kindle app has the advantage of being available not only for your Mac, but also for all major tablets and smartphones. Simply buy a book once and read it on any of your devices that have the app installed.

The Kindle for Mac app’s in-built sync technologies work like a charm and automatically save your the status of your reading progress, so that you can pick up where you left off on any of your other devices.

Take the books, magazines and newspapers that you like to read everywhere you go

Moreover, Kindle For Mac offers you the possibility to shop for eBooks and try them out before buying them by reading the first chapter. Also, another worth mentioning feature is that you can choose from a great number of free and popular eBooks available via the Amazon store.

Furthermore, if you are into reading magazines and newspapers, the app also offers delightful high-resolution vivid color images, designed to help you enjoy your favorite content in the most pleasing way possible.

Smart and intuitive digital reading tools will make your life much easier

On top of that, users can personalize their reading experience by adjusting text size, changing the screen’s brightness, choosing the background color or even switch between portrait and landscape mode.

As an extra advantage, Kindle For Mac makes it possible to organize your books and documents by sorting using a number of inbuilt filtering algorithms (e.g. genre, size, date, price).

What is more, perhaps the most popular feature, one can look up words by using Kindle For Mac’s built-in dictionary and get more info via Wikipedia and Google scraped content.

Kindle for Mac doesn't really have a wide collection of complex features, and truth be told, it doesn’t need to. It does however offer you a straightforward and complete reading experience, unlike other e-book readers.

Kindle for Mac was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
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