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Intuitive OS X menu bar based app that enables you to quickly and effortlessly transfer files, accompanied by your messages, to other users

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Infinit is a useful, unobtrusive and very easy-to-use Mac OS X application that offers a simple and fast solution for users that need to send or receive files to and from friends, co-workers or family.

Rapidly send and share files with your team

With Infinit’s help you can easily send your tracks, photos, videos, projects and any other files to other users over your local network or Internet. You can quickly send a file to another Infinit user or a contact that is not using Infinit.

From Infinit’s status bar menu, you can view your transfer history and send files to the desired contact with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. What is more, you can mark your top five contacts as favorites and drag the items you want to share onto Infinit’s menu bar icon and select the user to whom you want to send them.

Attach messages and descriptions to your data

The great thing about Infinit, is that you can write a short message or brief description of the file you are sending and let the recipient know what the package contains. It goes without saying, that you can send multiple files to multiple users at the same time and keep track of the sharing history.

Infinit is capable to take full advantage of your connection speed and use Peer To Peer connection to safely and rapidly send files to your contacts. At the same time, the recipients that are not Infinit users, can receive files on their email and download them from there without using the application.

Take control over your downloads and resume them at will

Moreover, Infinit allows to pause and resume your downloads without losing your transfers and play the media file as soon as you accept the transfer. All accepted transfers are stored in your Downloads folder from where you can move them to the desired directory.

Infinit was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 18th, 2015
Infinit - Infinit helps you send various files to multiple users directly from your Mac's status bar.Infinit - Your files can also be accompanied by short messages or descriptions.InfinitInfinit - The Settings menu helps you open your Profile page, check for updates and logout.

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