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A Firefox and Google Chrome add-on that provides movie-related details from IMDb





IMDb Info is a Firefox and Google Chrome add-on that will provide a very quick way to get movie-related details, like casts, ratings, plots, bios and much more.

IMDb Info retrieves brief information on movies, shows, actors, directors and more. It saves lots of clicks, typing and time otherwise spent waiting for pages to load.

On any page, select a movie title - or actor's name -, choose IMDb Info in the context menu and you'll see details like directors, casts, plots, release dates - or, filmography and biography.

On IMDb pages, it gets much better. All you have to do is hover over names and titles, to get the same information. Swiftly scan the cast of a film or TV show, finding all the facts without wasting one click.

That, and more. Hover over thumbnails (on any IMDb page, but particularly inside galleries), and see the full-size photo right next to your mouse. Move from photo to photo easily, without waiting for additional pages to load.

IMDb Info will also save you time on full plots, as well as detailed ratings. On top of all that, it brings a small variety of links to sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, or Rotten Tomatoes, putting movie trailers, critics' ratings and detailed information just one click away.

IMDb Info is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

NOTE: To install the IMDb Info extension, drag and drop the downloaded .crx file onto the Chrome Extensions window.
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
IMDb Info - Simply hover the mouse cursor over IMDb links to view more details about the movie, actor and more.IMDb Info - The actor pop-ups display the actor's filmography, birth details, and biography.IMDb Info - You can also view detailed information about the movie's rating.

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