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An easy to install Safari extension that offers you the possibility to block the Flash elements from a webpage and change the default media player.

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Safari extensions represent a great way to extend your web browser’s capabilities and adapt it to your own needs. ClickToFlash is one of these extensions and targets the media players used to render the video and audio content present on various websites, to block the Flash elements and more.

The ClickToFlash extension installs in your Safari browser almost instantly: simply double click the .safarixtz file and confirm the process. ClickToFlash will be added to your extensions list and you must launch the Preferences window to manage it.

Unobtrusive interaction

Usually ClickToFlash simply runs in the background and does not required much user attention. However, after install, you should navigate to the settings window to adapt its behavior to your own needs: check the “Click this checkbox to access the settings” box and a new tab will be launched in your web browser.

Automatically blocks Flash elements

The goal of the ClickToFlash extension is to make sure that all the Flash items on a website are blocked. Of course, there are many popular websites that greatly rely on the Flash technology so, for certain websites, ClickToFlash send the data to other players.

Via the Preferences window you get to decide which media player should be used by default (HTML5, Flash, QuickTime or AirPlay), the default resolution, the initial player behavior, the sound volume leved and much more.

Easily customizable behavior

The ClickToFlash Preferences window is organized in multiple tabs: General, Control lists, Media player, shortcut menu and Keyboard shortcut.

Most of them have self explanatory names: in the Keyboard shortcuts tab you can create your own hotkeys, while in the Shortcut menu you get to decide which elements are included in the contextual menu. Nonetheless, you should explore all of them to see everything that ClickToFlash has to offer.

Simple solution for blocking Flash elements

ClickToFlash is a great addition to your Safari web browser if you want to make sure that your resources are not wasted by different Flash elements included in the websites you are currently visiting.

The best part is that you can change the default Safari media player and continue visiting websites that rely on the Flash technology, but using the HTML5 player instead.

ClickToFlash was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
ClickToFlash - ClickToPlugin's General Preferences tab allows you to easily adjust the Placeholder Opacity or select the right sIFR text policyClickToFlash - The ClickToPlugin's Preferences Control Listst tab lets you choose the sites from which you want to block/unblock plug-insClickToFlash - From the ClickToPlugin's Media Player tab users can choose the default media player for the visited websites, and enables the autoplay function for certain URLsClickToFlash - ClickToPlugin also offers you the possibility to personalize the Shortcut Menu by choosing which commands you want to include by defaultClickToFlash - ClickToPlugin integrates a collection of hotkeys for frequently used functions, but also allows you to define your own

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