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Application designed to protect the data you're downloading or uploading from and to various servers on the web while using insecure wireless networks

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Hotspot Shield has been designed from scratch as a software solution that protects the data you're downloading or uploading from and to various servers on the web while using insecure wireless networks.

Because you could end up using a public hotspot once in a while, having Hotspot Shield installed on your portable Mac will make the difference between having sensitive information stolen or not.

Securely connect to various web locations via HTTPS, without having to worry about your privacy

Once connected, the Hotspot Shield app will automatically route all the data sent and received by your Mac through an AnchorFree remote server, in order to encrypt all the traffic and to help you hide your location and IP address.

After Hotspot Shield connects your Mac to the AnchorFree VPN, the server's IP is set as your public IP to prohibit other servers or websites you might connect to, to find out what your real location is.

Hotspot Shield has been designed from scratch to provide you with a secure VPN connection to the internet, without the need to go through all the steps usually needed to setup such a connection.

In-built web traffic encryption and malware detection / blocking features

This and the fact that you can also set to automatically start once you login, make Hotspot Shield and must-have for all users that often find themselves having to go online while on the move, using unsecured wireless connections.

In addition to its anonymizing and traffic encryption features, Hotspot Shield also comes with a built-in engine that detects and blocks known malware websites.

What's more, as an extra step to assure your online safety, the application also forces your browser to connect to all websites using HTTPS, a combination of the standard HTTP and the SSL/TLS protocols that adds the security capabilities of the latter to harden your internet connection's by encrypting and, thus, acting as a complete stop to anyone trying to intercept or track your web activity.

Makes it very easy to go online and make sure that your identity and location is always private and hidden from prying eyes

Although a free and very useful internet security solution, Hotspot Shield's free version does come with a drawback: it will display ad banners within your browser's window while you are connected to the VPN.

But, if you're annoyed by the ads in the free version, this can be avoided by buying the Elite version which, apart from removing the ads altogether, also comes with up to 100% faster browsing speeds and a dedicated support plan via e-mail and live chat.

All things considered, Hotspot Shield is a very fit solution for accessing the web through a secured Internet connection, in order to keep your identity hidden and your sensitive data out of the hands of snoopers.

Hotspot Shield was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
Hotspot Shield - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to view protection status as well as study the amount of data that goes in/out.Hotspot Shield - The application allows you to select a server location close to the current location.Hotspot Shield - screenshot #3Hotspot Shield - You can easily change the level of protection at any given time from the Network Detection tab.Hotspot Shield - screenshot #5

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