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A very easy to use and intuitive application that provides quick access to a VPN solution that will help you securely browse the internet.

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Every time you browse the web using public or unencrypted WiFi or LAN connections you expose yourself, your data and your computer to various online threats and attacks. Thanks to Hotspot Shield Elite you can now protect your accounts, passwords and financial information against hackers and websites containing malware.

Anonymously browse the web, download files and watch video content or listen to music

Hotspot Shield Elite is a lightweight, user-friendly and unobtrusive Mac OS X application that uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to encrypt and secure your web browsing sessions. In addition, Hotspot Shield Elite promises to block malware and and bypass region or country restrictions imposed by certain webpages.

By bypassing geo-restrictions, you can unblock various social network pages like Facebook or Twitter, access video content from YouTube, Vevo or Hulu and visit any website that is blocked either by a country or the provider itself.

Avoid country restrictions and virtually change your location on the globe

It is worth mentioning that some video sharing websites might detect the presence of a proxy and deny your access. However, you can use Hotspot Shield Elite to protect your IP address and suft the Web anonymously and privately.

Most Internet providers offers their clients a unique IP address that can be easily tracked by websites, hackers and even by your Internet Service Provider. The collection of data helps them track and keep a record of your activity on the web.

Change your IP address every time you browse the web and remain anonymous

With Hotspot Shield Elite’s help, you can now hide your IP by change it to a virtual address in order to securely browse the web. Every time you connect to the Internet, Hotspot Shield Elite will provide you a new US IP address to mask your real IP address.

Hotspot Shield Elite was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
Hotspot Shield Elite - By accessing the main window of the application you can see how much data you sent and received.Hotspot Shield Elite - The Server drop-down menu allows you to easily select the VPN server.Hotspot Shield Elite - screenshot #3Hotspot Shield Elite - The application allows you to pause protection for the desired amount of time, if needed.Hotspot Shield Elite - screenshot #5

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