HTTPS Everywhere 4.0.1 / 5.0 Dev 1

A reliable and easy-to-use web browser add-on designed to automatically encrypt your communication with a wide variety of websites
HTTPS Everywhere - You can stop the encrypted communication with sites from the toolbar button.
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HTTPS Everywhere is a straightforward extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera that enables you to encrypt your Internet connection when visiting various websites.

Encrypt your communications with your favorite websites

HTTPS Everywhere is the result of a fruitful collaboration between The Tor project and Electronic Frontier Foundation and comes as a solution to the vulnerabilities and issues that might occur when visiting certain webpages.

Numerous webpages offer limited support for encryption over HTTPS and, on top of that, it makes it difficult for the visitor to enjoy the security provided by communication protocol.

HTTPS, short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a blend between HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol that provides additional security abilities of SSL/TLS to standard HTTP communications.

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and secure your connection

HTTPS is designed to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks that might be experienced over unencrypted HTTP connections. Unfortunately, some pages default to such connections and fill encrypted pages with links to unencrypted websites.

This is where HTTPS Everywhere steps in to fix these problems by using a smart technology to rewrite request to these sites to HTTPS.

HTTPS Everywhere’s drop-down menu can be accessed from your web-browser toolbar after installation. From here, you can enable or disable rules and open the SSL Observatory Preferences window.

Check the ruleset and disable, enable or create your own rules

HTTPS Everywhere uses SSL Observatory to send copies of HTTPS certificate to the Observatory in order to detect man-in-the-middle attacks, increase the web security and to warn the user about insecure connections or attacks on your browser.

From HTTPS Everywhere’s Preferences window, you can enable or disable rules, filter the displayed entries and even write your own rulesets.

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HTTPS Everywhere
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What's New in version 5.0 Dev 1
  • Support for multi-process Firefox (aka electrolysis or e10s).
  • Merge latest rulesets.
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3 Screenshots
HTTPS Everywhere - The SSL Observatory can be configured in the Preferences.HTTPS Everywhere - You will be able to set the HTTPS redirection rules in the Options window.

Application description

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Google Chrome add-on designed to encrypt your communications while on various major ...

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