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A client application for the eBay online auction system that enables you to quickly create auctions from within a user-friendly interface

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GarageSale is a slick and smooth-running Mac OS X application specially made for heavy users of the eBay online auction system.

Powerful eBay auction manager

Thanks to GarageSale, you can easily edit, manager and track all your auctions with just a few mouse clicks. From GarageSale’s intuitive interface you can quickly and effortlessly create multiple eBay auctions without using eBay’s step-by-step tutorial.

Along with the long list of tools and features that can help you design, handle and create eBay auctions, GarageSale fully integrates iPhoto and Aperture and offers you free image hosting as well as over 140 auction designs.

On top of that, GarageSale comes with support for eBay Stores, eBay Motors, PayPal, Twitter and many other international eBay websites. You can even track all your running auctions and use the Inspector to view detailed information about the selected auction. Hence, you can keep track of the number of watchers, listing fees,duration, condition, starting bid value, category and more.

Inventory tracking and variation support

What is more, GarageSale helps you list multiple variations of your items in a single listing and define your products, provide them a title, pricing information, quantity and photos. You have the option to link your auction templates or a variation from a variation in order to enable listing with your product through the SKU field.

Image hosting

GarageSale allows you to store up to twenty photos per auction with a maximum size of 800 pixels without paying eBay hosting fees. At the same time, you can use eBay’s Picture Service or even your web server to host your pictures if you need to.

GarageSale also helps you browse though a collection of over 140 auction designs that can enhance your listing and attract more watchers. By using a design from the provided list, you can change the layout of your description and pictures.

In addition to the above mentioned features, GarageSale comes with a financial report generator, FTP and WebDAV image serving, network sharing, Twitter support, a built-in image editor, Dashboard widget and more.

GarageSale was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
GarageSale - In this window you can visualize the current auctions.GarageSale - Some advanced options can be accessed from the inspector.GarageSale - Here you can make some property changes.GarageSale - Here you can choose from various templates.GarageSale - Image changes can be made here.GarageSale - screenshot #6GarageSale - screenshot #7GarageSale - screenshot #8GarageSale - screenshot #9

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