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A free and high performance embeddable Java based HTTP engine capable of handling enormous loads, offers to bring users a very enhanced Java exprience





Simple is a free and  truly embeddable open source HTTP engine that provides a high performance HTTP engine with a component based API for extendability and integrates seamlessly with XSLT and the Velocity template engine facilitating an MVC architecture.

Also, Simple provides a truly asynchronous service model, request completion is driven using an internal, transparent, monitoring system. This allows Simple to vastly outperform most popular Java based servers in a multi-tier environment, as it requires only a very limited number of threads to handle very high quantities of concurrent clients.

Moreover, Simple has consistently out performed both commercial and open source Java Servlet engines and has a fully comprehensive API that is as usable for experienced Java developers as it is for beginners.
Last updated on July 9th, 2013

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