FoxyProxy Standard for Mac4.5.5

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Reliable and user-oriented web browser add-on specially made to automatically switch between proxy servers based on the visited URL

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FoxyProxy Standard is a trustworthy add-on for web browsers that enables you to configure them to access the web via the preferred proxy server.

Helps you manage and connect to various proxies

FoxyProxy Standard is similar to FoxyProxy Basic and offers the same tools and features to which it adds automatic proxy switching by URL, QuickAdd and AutoAdd patterns, as well as Logging tab to assist with pattern creation.

Hence, you can use FoxyProxy Standard to configure your web browser to relay through various proxies and switch between different proxies with no effort from your side.Hence, you can connect to and manage your favorite proxy or VPN services with just a couple of mouse clicks.

However, FoxyProxy Standard does not offer access to paid proxy or VPN services and, as a result you need to provide your own proxies.

Automatically routes access to blocked webpages through proxies

With FoxyProxy Standard’s help, you can route blocked pages through slow proxy servers and access unlocked web pages using the fully speed of your Internet connection.

Thanks to FoxyProxy Standard, you can also access the webpages of numerous content and new providers such Hulu, ITV, BBC iplayer, NetFilx, Pandora, NFL and other similar services from almost any country.

Moreover, FoxyProxy Standard helps you bypass content-filtering imposed by nations and institutions that might censor the web and limit the access to information.

With the help of the “Proxy switching by URL” feature, FoxyProxy Standard allows you to take full advantage of your connection speed and avoid country or region-based restrictions.

Unobtrusive and smooth-running add-on for Firefox and Chrome users

FoxyProxy Standard runs quietly in the background and uses proxies based on the predefined patterns and priorities that can be easily customized with the help if the QuickAdd and AutoAdd functions. The Logging Tab can also be used to help you with the pattern creation.

In conclusion, FoxyProxy Standard is a simple and user-friendly browser add-on that helps you to freely browse the web without access or speed restrictions.

FoxyProxy Standard was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 29th, 2015
FoxyProxy Standard - screenshot #1FoxyProxy Standard - You will be able to add / select proxies from this tab.FoxyProxy Standard - This tab allows you to manage your Proxy Subscriptions.FoxyProxy Standard - screenshot #4FoxyProxy Standard - This menu allows you to activate FoxyProxy.

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