FoxGame 1.5.1

FoxGame - Firefox add-on that enhances user experience with O-game.
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Enhance user experience with O-game (now works in every o-game version). adds a lot of features to the webgame O-game. It also integrates Database features inside the game.O-Game, is a real-time spacial browser game.

The FoxGame addon is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Here are some key features of "FoxGame":

■ Automatic universe selector in login page.
■ Reduced galaxy view: Planet column is not rendered and its functinality is moved to Name col., debris header reduced also.
■ Extra delete options and spy report options: You can control messages from the top or the bottom.
■ Fleet arrival and return time: In fleet destiny selection page you will see the time when you fleet will arrive and come back to your planet.
■ Fleet retreat time: In fleet page you will see the time when your fleet will arrive if you order to come back.
■ Multilanguage support: es-ES(spanish), en-US(english), de-DE(deutsch), pl-PL(polish), fr-FR(french), nl-NL/nl-BR (dutch), it-IT (italian), bs-BA/sr-CS/hr-HR (bosnian, serbian, croatian), pt-PT/pt-BR(portugese), tr-TR(Turkish), zh-CN/zh-TW (Simplified chinese and traditional chinese), ru-RU (russian), da-DK (danish), si-SL (slovenian), sv-SE/sv-FI (swedish), ko-KR (korean), ro-RO (romanian) and el (Greek). If your language is not supported and you want to translate it, mail me.
■ Almost all finishing hours: Research and buildings finishing hours, hangar's qeue finishing time, you can see date/time in overview if you wish and even in phalanx.
■ Highlight ally and private messages: Ally and private messages now have a diferent background to see them easily.
■ Highlight big debris fields: Debris fields bigger than you fix min will have different background in galaxy view.
■ Autochoose mision type: You can define mission priorities so FoxGame will select the mission according to that.
■ Online DBs integration: Send reports to Milos (only, EspRep and GalaxieTool directly within OGame (solar systems, stats and spy reports supported).
■ In mines and power plants info screens (the ones you see when you click in the name) you will see the diferences between your actual level and the rest.
■ Autoselect fleet destination: Select coord text anywhere go to fleet send screen and Voila! the destination is already selected. There is no need to take down numbers anymore.
■ Private message signatures.


■ Firefox 1.0 or later

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July 25th, 2008, 18:18 GMT
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What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Removed database support (as half of them dissapeared and the other half have its own extension).
  • Added hooking API to avoid conflicts with database extensions (i.e.: Galaxyplugin).
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