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A lightweight and unobtrusive web browser add-in that enables you to view the current website's server location, domain name and IP address

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Flagfox is a streamlined add-on for Mozilla Firefox specially designed to display a flag icon in order to indicate the current web server’s physical location.

Helps you reveal the web server location with the help of country flags

Thanks to Flagfox you’ll always know where you are connected to and become aware of native languages, as well as the legal jurisdictions that may apply.

On top of that, Flagfox enables you to obtain additional information via a wide variety of external lookups to which you can add your won custom actions.

By accessing Flagfox’s context menu, you can perform any of the available actions and add new ones with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Display the location on the map and obtain addition information with ease

By default, Flagfox is configured to load the default action, Geotool, every time you click on the flag icon. This action helps you summon a detailed map and view the city where the server is, along with data about local time and ISP.

Moreover, Flagfox offers numerous other actions that you can use to perform site safety and malware checks, find similar reviews and websites, automatically translate to the desired language, run diagnostics such as pings and traceroutes, SEO and web development research, shorten the URL, copy the server’s IP and info and check page code validation.

Add your own actions and customized the add-on based on your needs

Thanks to the Flagfox Options window, you can create your own custom actions and use one of the provided templates, provide a name, assign a hot key and hide or display it in the context menu.

Furthermore, you have the option to customize the available actions and decide which ones should be available in the context menu.

In conclusion, Flagfox is a reliable and practical add-on that helps you stay informed about the location of the current web server, perform various safety checks, reveal detailed information about the server and more.

Flagfox was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
Flagfox - Flagfox will display the country flag of the website's server location.Flagfox - You will be able to assign various actions to the Flagfox button.Flagfox - Flagfox also allows you to create your own actions in the Preferences.FlagfoxFlagfox

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