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A great Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome add-on that offers you the possibility to access unavailable web services without censorship.






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Stealthy is a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox add-on that can be used to access websites that are not normally accessible from your geographical location due to censorship or any other type of restriction.

Stealthy comes as a free download for both web browsers and the installation process is quite straight forward. When complete, the Stealthy icon will be added to your browser’s toolbar: initially the icon will be red and it becomes green when the service is activated.

The Stealthy Options panel enables you to select the type of connection you want to use. The "Get a proxy from a random location" and the "Connect to internet as if you were in the following country" (you can select the country from the drop down menu) can be used  free of charge. The "PRO - USA" and "PRO - UK" connections require a Stealthy Pro subscription.

Additionally, Stealthy offers you the possibility to create a so called "Bypass list". The websites from this list will not be affected by the extension. This way, you can choose to have Stealthy automatically activated on launch while making sure it will not affect frequently used websites.

While in Google Chrome, if you plan to use Stealthy only with certain websites you can choose to have it enabled only in incognito windows: go to the Extensions panel and check the "Allow in Incognito" box.

Stealthy is a very easy to install and set up Chrome and Firefox add-on that can be successfully used to bypass geographical restrictions or other types of censorship. Make sure you disable the extension if you do not actually use it since it can reduce your connection speed.
Last updated on February 28th, 2013
Stealthy - Stealthy is activated.Stealthy - The Options window allows you to set how you can bypass restricted links.

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