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A free and open-source Firefox add-on that enables you to easily manage your downloading items from a handy status bar at the bottom of the window

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Download Status Bar is a very handy Firefox extension designed as a suitable replacement for the popular Download Statusbar add-on that does not work in Firefox 26. Download Status Bar comes with a slightly different user interface and a few extra functions.

If you are not familiar with the Download Statusbar extension for Firefox, it provides a compact bar at the bottom of the window to monitor your current downloads. The updated version displays the full name of the file, the icon, download speed and percentage of completeness.

The status bar is unobtrusive and displays different colors for the progress, text and complete status. Each color can be configured via the Preferences window. In addition, you can clear all items and hide the status bar with a simple double click on it.

Furthermore, Download Status Bar shows details of all downloading files simultaneously and, like in the default browser, you can pause, stop and resume the download. Additional options (via the context menu) include launching the files, the download manager, deleting items and clearing all or individual items.

Another interesting function, which the original add-on does not provide, is manually or automatically scanning files for viruses. After a download, you can choose to scan it yourself using a specified virus scanner installed on your drive, or you can set the extension to scan it automatically. However, the drawback is that, when choosing the scanner, you must select the command line binary (which might be difficult).

Unlike Download Statusbar, its successor can also play notification sounds after downloading an item. You can even choose your own sound file from the preferences. Other options include automatically clearing items after launching or showing, closing the status bar when downloads are complete and opening the download output folder.

All in all, Download Status Bar delivers a remarkable set of features that is in constant growth since the add-on’s inception. It makes managing downloads on the spot much easier, enabling you to pause / resume, stop, clear, open or copy links of downloading items with little effort.

Download Status Bar was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 6th, 2014
Download Status Bar - Download Status Bar displays the name, speed and percentage of downloading items.Download Status Bar - From an item's contextual menu, you can open the file, manager or scan it for viruses.Download Status Bar - screenshot #3Download Status Bar - screenshot #4

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