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A free and open-source Firefox extension that allows you to detect the third parties that are tracking your movements by using cookies

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Lightbeam is a Mozilla vetted Firefox add-on that, once installed, it will start recording your online interactions, while navigating various websites.

At the same time, the add-on will generate a real time graph depicting the third party websites you interact with while browsing a certain webpage.

Quick to install Firefox add-on that records your online interactions

Integrating the Lightbeam extension into your Firefox browser is extremely straightforward: you do not even have to restart the application. Via the Lightbeam icon placed in your status bar, you will be able to quickly access the Lightbeam panel, and visualize the interactions graph.

The best part is that Lightbeam enables you to apply multiple filters and controls : you can choose to see only the pages that match a certain time frame, or you can point out the visited or the third party sites, the connections between the pages, or the webpages that are using cookies.

Monitor all the visited websites and third party connections and export the data

Lightbeam can also display the information in list mode: you can see the URL, if it was a visited website or a third party connection, the first and the last time when you have accessed the page. All this data is saved to your own computer, and you can also export the info to a JSON file.

Note that Lightbeam comes with a Help panel that can be activated from the right side of the interactions panel, which provides details about how to read or manage the recorded data. However, Lightbeam has very few customization options: in the Preferences panel you can change the default visualization (List or Graph), or the default data filter (daily, weekly, recent, or last 10 sites).

To conclude, if you want to be able to have a complete view upon your online interactions, together with the third party connections, the Lightbeam add-on will prove to be a great addition to your Firefox application.

Lightbeam was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
Lightbeam - From Lightbeam's user interface, you can view the 3rd party sites that are tracking you.Lightbeam - You can also check the sites that are tracking you as seen on a clock.Lightbeam - The List view displays details about the 3rd party sites which are tracking your movements.

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