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A lightweight and very easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox Add-on that enables you protect your privacy while browsing the web and bypass GeoIP blocks

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If you want to protect your privacy while you browse the Internet, chat with friends and family or transfer files by hiding your real IP address, then anonymoX is the browser add-on that promises to help you out.

Privacy defender

anonymoX is a straightforward add-on for your Mozilla Firefox that can help you anonymize your IP while you access various online services, social networks or simple web pages. The aim of anonymoX is to give you the right to protect your privacy on the web.

Prevent tracking and monitoring

Most websites track and monitor their visitors’ actions in order to analyze and record their behavior and create a detailed user profile that can be sold to unknown parties.

Another threat to user’s privacy comes from federal or private organizations that have the power to censor websites under the pretenses of copyright infringement, child safety, fight against terrorism or any kind of real or fictive threat.

GeoIP blocks are another form of censorship that can keep an user from access information in order to obtain accurate data and facts related to certain events. Thanks to anonymoX you can now overpass numerous types of blocks by assuming a virtual identity that enjoys unrestricted access to most websites and services.

IP anonymizer

By using anonymoX, you can effortlessly change your IP address with one provided by the add on, hide your identity and visit blocked or censored websites. You can easily bypass GeoIP block by assuming an IP that originates from another country.

What is more, you can create different anonymization settings fro each page, delete cookies, view your public IP, change your browser ID and more.

anonymoX was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
anonymoX - The add-on allows you to change your IP-Address and country from the add-on bar.anonymoX - You can also change the user agent and manage the cookies.anonymoX - From the preferences window, users can log in to their anonymoX account.

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