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A feature-rich Firefox add-on that provides you with numerous web development tools to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on any webpage

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Firebug is an essential and powerful Firefox add-on for developers that want to use a wide variety of useful web development tools right within the browser.

In-browser toolset for manipulating your website’s code

Moreover, the Firebug Firefox extension enables you to easily and effortlessly edit, monitor and debug your website's JavaScript, HTML and CSS code while browsing it locally or on the Internet.

Created with ease of use in mind, Firebug can either be used in a separate Firefox window or as a built-in panel, at your browser's bottom side. Furthermore, it also provides you with complete and extensive control over what websites you want it enabled for.

Select and analyze websites, one web item at a time

Firebug makes it simple and straightforward to rapidly find the desired HTML elements included in the selected webpage with the help of its bundled real-time code search engine. After selecting an item, Firebug will display comprehensive information about it and will help you to quickly edit the code on the fly, if needed.

The Firebug extension also features multiple CSS tabs that will tell you all there is to know about the available web page styles, as well as make changes and see their effects in an instant.

Troubleshoot websites with ease

In addition, Firebug is one of the best solutions to monitor network activity, in a file by file view. This will provide you with the means to quickly find and solve a wide variety of website problems, without the need of a separate software solution.

If you need to explore the Document Object Model, then Firebug is also your to-go utility since it can be employed for analyzing and editing DOM objects with ease.

Built-in cookie manager and browser

As an extra advantage, Firebug includes a tool designed to allow you to view and manage cookies right within in the web browser. Thus, using this tool, you can process cookies for any website individually, create new cookies and filter them with a couple of mouse clicks.

User-oriented and practical web development helper toolkit

All in all, Firebug is a streamlined and full-featured Firefox extension designed to help you perform a vast selection of web development tasks via an intuitive and robust user interface.

Firebug was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
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