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A practical, secure and easy-to-use FTP and SFTP client for Mozilla Firefox that helps you to quickly and effortlessly access various FTP/SFTP servers

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FireFTP is a straightforward web browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox that enables you to gain access to FTP and SFTP servers from within your browser.

Makes it easy for you to access and transfer files to and from SFTP and FTP servers

FireFTP acts like a FTP and SFTP client that you can use to effortlessly connect to any given server in order to manage, upload and download files.

Thanks to FireFTP, you can instantly transfer files to and from the SFT or FTP server with just a couple of mouse clicks. You also have the option to use drag and drop gestures to move, download or upload files from and to your servers.

The intuitive interface offers quick access to the need tools and features

FireFTP’s user-oriented and minimalistic design helps you browse through folders and view relevant information about the stored files. Hence, you can check the file name, size on disk, file type and creation date from within the FireFTP tab.

You can summon FireFTP via the Tools menu and handle your accounts with the help of the built-in Account Manager.

Easily check the integrity of your downloads and keep track of the transferred files

On top of that, FireFTP helps you perform integrity checks of transfers and securely download, upload and synchronize folders thanks to the SSL / TLS / SFTP support.

FireFTP also helps you keep track of all your transfers with the help of the Log feature while the Queue panel allows you to monitor the pending tasks.

What is more, FireFTP enables you to keep directories synchronize while browsing their contents and helps you compare two folders and view the missing items. The automatic reconnect and resuming of transfers feature ensures that your downloads and uploads are completed at all times.

In conclusion, FireFTP is a free, open-source and cross-platform Mozilla Firefox add-on that delivers the same functionality to all its Mac, Linux and Windows users regardless of the preferred operating system.

FireFTP was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 19th, 2015
FireFTP - You will be able to transfer files to and from a remote server using a dual pane interface.FireFTP - The FireFTP GUI can be accessed via the Tools menu or by clicking on the toolbar icon.FireFTP - The Account Manager window enables you to configure your main account, the connection and other advanced settings.FireFTPFireFTPFireFTPFireFTPFireFTPFireFTP

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